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Family Court Panel

To be on our Family Court Panel, you must have been a member of the Law Guardian Panel for at least one year.


Information for Applications

Complete your application by answering all questions and attaching any riders or other supporting documents that are required. Mail your completed application to:
Robert Nigro, Administrator
Assigned Counsel Defender Plan
Nassau County Bar Association
15th & West Streets
Mineola, NY 11501

Your application will be reviewed for completeness and for satisfaction of the minimum requirements. If it is facially deficient, it will be returned to you. Your references will be reviewed and some or all of them may be contacted. An interview will thereafter be scheduled with the Administrator.

After the interview, you will receive a determination regarding the panel to which you have applied. If you are approved for one or more panels, you will receive your first assignment promptly. If you are denied approval, the reason(s) for the determination will be given to you.

Panel membership is a privilege, not a right. Upon certification to the panel, an attorney’s conduct and performance are regulated by Article 18-B of the County Law, the Rules of the Appellate Division, and the rules and regulations of the Assigned Counsel Defender Plan.

PDF Forms

Criminal Court Application
Family Surrogate Court Application
Experts'Panel Application

Experts Panel

We have an Experts panel with over 100 experts, in fields ranging from accident reconstruction to substance abuse.


Please advise your references that they will in all likelihood receive a short questionnaire from this office concerning you. The quicker they return it (SASE enclosed), the quicker we will act on your application.

Administrator Interview

If your application is complete you will be called in for an interview by the 18B Administrator, to review all rules and regulations before your approval.


Nassau County
Assigned Counsel Defender Plan
15th & West Sts
Mineola, NY, 11501
Phone 747-8448
Fax # 873-8032


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