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This website is designed to make the job of 18B attorneys somewhat easier. Here you will find links to other helpful websites that will enable you to access Supreme Court decisions, Court of Appeals decisions and a multitude of legal articles on various legal questions that confront the criminal or family court practitioner on a daily basis.


We have an Expert's Panel, consisting of experts in various fields. Orders must first be obtained for services of experts (including interpreters and investigators). Applications for such Orders should be made ex parte. The fact of your application and the factual basis on which it rests are privileged and will remain unavailable to the prosecutor until the case is concluded. At present, the statutory limit is $1000 (County Law § 722c). If services will cost more than $1000, counsel should prepare a Supplemental Order for the Court, outlining in specific language the need for extraordinary services in excess of the statutory maximum. Need and indigency must be shown must be shown in the affidavit. It is far easier to have the court approve an extra expense before it's incurred than afterward. It is counsel's responsibility to assist the expert in recovering fees for services rendered. This is especially true of investigators who routinely run up high bills.

Where counsel believes that an investigator is necessary, he/she should apply to the Court for an order, unless circumstances dictate that an investigator be employed immediately; in that case, counsel should later apply for a non-pro-tunc order.

Counsel should not pay the investigator or any expert out of his/her own funds. The expert should submit his/her own voucher as soon as the services are completed. Counsel should approve the voucher and it should be submitted to the Administrator for submission to the court for approval of payment.

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The Nassau County Assigned Counsel Defender Plan has been in existence since 1966.

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We currently have over 100 experts in various fields who stand ready to assist our attorneys in the defense of the indigent.
We currently have over 260 attorneys on our various panels

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